How to Bed a Scope Base – Step-by-Step Instructions

Many of us ask questions about scope bases,

One of them is, “How to Bed a scope base?”

Don’t worry, you’ll get your answers in this article!

Scope Base Bedding

A Murphy precision scope base should be tightened until there is no gap between the bottom of the scope base and the top of the rifle action. Tightening too much may cause the scope base to warp and affect the accuracy of the rifle.

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Epoxy resin is a strong adhesive used to bond two surfaces together. This allows the scope base to be bonded to the rifle action without using screws. This eliminates the need for screws to hold the scope base to the rifle action.

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Equipment Needed

  • Brownell’s Acraglas
  • Jb weld or Devcon Metal filled epoxy compound
  • Release compound (floor wax is acceptable)
  • Paper towels/rags
  • Paper plate/cardboard/other mixing surface
  • Acetone for cleanup

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how to bed a scope base

How to Bed a Scope Base?


  1. Before you start using your gun, make sure you check the scope base to see if it is aligned correctly with the barrel. You should also make sure that the scope base is tight enough to prevent the scope from moving around when shooting.
  2. Cleaning the inside of the scope base and the top of the rifle action with an acetate rag is very important. Failure to do this could cause the scope base to be difficult to remove later. Release agent should be applied liberally to the scope base screws before bedding them down.
  3. Scope bases should be screwed down firmly. Epoxy must be applied evenly over the entire surface area. Any excess should be wiped clean later.
  4. Apply scope base with bedding compounds to your rifle action, then tighten the center two screws until they appear to be all the way in, and you can just hear them begin to tighten. Then, tighten the outer two screws, until they just touch each other.
  5. Wipe away excess epoxy with ragged cloths, then clean up any residue with acetone soaked ragged cloths or Q-tips. Cleaning up any residue should take about 10 minutes. Set action aside for 12- 24 hours to let epoxy completely cure and harden.

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Bedding a scope is easy if you do it right!

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