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Who makes Redfield Scopes?

Where are Redfield scopes made?

3rd generation Redfield scopes are owned and made by the Leupold brand.

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Were Redfield Scopes Discontinued?

Redfield scopes have been around since the early 1900s. They are still being made today.

The 1980s and 1990s proved to be a challenging time for Redfield as the sporting optics industry was changing.

Redfield scopes have a colorful history. Their company was founded by two brothers who were both avid hunters. The first model of the Redfield scope came out in 1872. It was called the “Redfield” because it had red dots around the crosshairs. This model was designed for use with rifles. Another version of this model was released in 1874. This second model was called the “Red-Field”. It also had red dots around the center crosshair. However, this model was made for shotguns.

A third model was released in 1875. This model was called the “Rifle Field”. It also had red dot sights around the crosshairs, but it was made for use with rifles. Finally, the fourth model was released in 1876. This model was called “The Rifle Scope”, and it was made for use on rifles.

John Hill Redfield was born in Glendale, Oregon in 1859. He spent most of his life outdoors, hunting and fishing. In 1893, he opened a store called Redfield Gun Shop. Later, he started making guns.

John Redfield was an American engineer who invented gun sights. He started the Western Gun Sight Company, and his son Wyatt became the president of the company. Redfield’s gun sights were used during World War I. Redfield renamed the company the Redfield Rifle Mounts Company, and his son, Wyatt, became the president of the new company. John Redfield died in 1944, and his son, William, took over the Redfields’ rifle mount company.

Redfield rifles were first produced in the late 1940s and became famous as the most accurate military rifles during the Korean War. In the early 1960s, Redfield introduced a new line of high-quality hunting rifles called the Model 700. This was the first truly modern sporting rifle. The Model 700 featured a free-floating barrel, a quick detachable box magazine, and a removable stock. The Model 700 was also the first rifle to feature a fully adjustable rear sight and a folding front sight. The Model 700 was designed by John Moses Browning who later went on to design the M1911 pistol. The Model 700 was extremely successful and was the top-selling rifle in the United States until the introduction of the AR15.

Redfield management did give in to competitors who used cheaper parts. This caused problems for Redfield because the company had to change how it produced scopes.

The company was fined $10 million because of pollution problems. The company had to pay the fine but still continued to produce high-quality scopes.

After being bankrupted by Redfield, Blount buys all the company’s assets. Then, they transport the products to a warehouse in Wisconsin. Finally, they start selling them again as Weaver scopes.

The Redfield brand was introduced in 1894 by William H. Redfield, who later became president of the company. He started out as a lens maker and then moved into manufacturing rifles. In 1902 he began producing binoculars under the Redfield name. The first Redfield-branded rifle came out in 1903. The first Redfield scope was released in 1908. The first Redfield binoculars were made in 1912.

Meade bought all the riflescope brands owned by Blount. Meade was supposed to revive Redfield, but nothing ever came out of it.

Redfield rifles were first introduced in 1878, and the company was founded in 1885. The Redfield line of rifles was discontinued in 2007 but was revived in 2009. The Leupold line of Redfield rifles was established in 2009. Leupold still produces the Redfield line of rifles as of 2020.

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What are Redfield Scopes?

Redfield scopes are used in rifles to help determine range and elevation. They can be found on most modern sporting rifles.

Features and Types of Redfield scopes

Redfield scopes are designed to provide excellent optical performance at a very affordable price. They feature fully multi-coated lenses, precision ground turrets, and come equipped with premium Redfield optics.

Redfield scopes have been used by military units around the globe for decades. Their rugged construction, reliable operation, and outstanding optical performance have made Redfields the choice of many hunters, sportsmen, and law enforcement professionals.

Redfield scoping systems offer three models:

1) The Riflescope – perfect for long-range shooting

2) The Spotting Scope – ideal for close-quarters combat situations

3) The Tactical Scope – designed for use in tactical applications

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Three Generations of Redfield Scopes

  1. The Original Redfield scopes are the most popular and well known of all redfield scopes. They were designed by Robert E. Lee, Jr., a former Marine Corps officer who was also an avid hunter. 
  2. In 2001, Blount acquired the rights to use the name “Redfield” for their riflescope line. They continued manufacturing them until 2002 when they were discontinued due to poor sales.
  3. Leupold – Our favorite scope manufacturers!

More about these Scopes

Optics market is crowded, competitive, and much better than it was 20 years ago. Expensive glass continues to remain expensive. Chinese lenses are available in the market.

It should be noted that Leupold has discontinued nearly all the Redfield series of scopes, except for the Revolution series, and that doesn’t really sound promising for the Redfield brand going forward.

Fast forward to today, and Leupold has affordable scopes and they own Redfield.

If we’re talking the Redfield branded scopes produced for Blount International, then we’re talking none as all those models were manufactured in either Japan at the LOW facility or in the Philippines.

1st generation Redfield scopes that were produced at the Denver Colorado facility came with a limited lifetime warranty, which Redfield serviced until they went out of business in 1998.

If Leupold and Stiner both like the quality of glass that says a manufacturer in Japan is producing they will order from them.

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Since Redfield went out of business, that warranty and warranty service has somewhat died.

Now, if you happen to be calling Leupold about warranty service on one of the Redfield models that they don’t cover, Leupold will make this offer: If you send the damaged scope into them, they will offer you a substantial discount (something like a 30% discount off retail) on any of the Redfield models of scopes that Leupold is currently offering.


The new line of Redfields is a quality product made in Denver for 40 years.

If you mean who currently owns Redfield scopes, the answer is Leupold & Stevens.

Academy’s mission is to provide “Fun for All” and fulfills this mission with a localized merchandising strategy and value proposition that strongly connects with a broad range of consumers.

Redfield will join the Academy’s portfolio of exclusive brands which already include outdoor brands like Magellan Outdoors, Monarch, H2O Xpress, and Game Winner.

The world’s best performance optics for the elite outdoor athlete will not cease to produce. Redfield has made quality sports optics. Which covers a broad range of products. It values a proposition that strongly connects with a broad range of consumers. It focuses on the key categories of outdoor, apparel, footwear, and sports & recreation. Redfield hunting scopes have been providing hunters with telescopic sights in the field and on the range for over 100 years.

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