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A rifle with an improperly mounted optic doesn’t shoot very accurately. People who do this often don’t know how to properly mount the scope, and they end up with inaccurate shots. Mounting a scope correctly requires a lot of skill and knowledge about optics.

Gunsmiths are people who make guns. They use tools to cut metal into shapes that fit together to create weapons. Gunsmiths work by hand using tools such as hammers, saws, drills, and lathes. They also use machines called CNC mills and grinders to shape metals.

You need to be very careful when mounting a scope on a gun. There are many ways to go wrong. In this article, we’ll show you how to properly mount a scope on a firearm. We’ll also explain why you should never use a scope mounted backward.

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How to Mount A Scope On A Rifle Prepare Your Work Space

First, make sure you have everything you need before starting. Second, be sure to use the correct tool for the job. Third, be careful when using any type of glue or lubricant. Fourth, make sure you know what you’re doing.

This list of tools varies a bit depending on the rifle and scope rings you use. Some bolt action rifles (like Ruger M77 Hawkeyes) have bases built into receivers and may come from the factories with a set of scope rings. Additionally, most scope ring also comes with the appropriate Torx wrenches to tighten their screws.

  • Make sure you use the right size screwdriver or wrench to loosen or tighten the screws on your scopes. Don’t overtighten them. Over tightening screws can cause them to strip or break off their heads, and using the wrong size tool can damage the threads of the screws. Use a torque wrench if you want to be sure you’re doing things correctly.
  • Scope rings should be matched up correctly. You also want to make sure that you are using the correct size rings for your scope. A 1 inch scope ring should go on a 1 inch scope. A 30 mm scope ring should go on an appropriate 30 mm scope.
  • Scope rings should be mounted as low as possible without touching anything else. You need to make sure you have everything before starting.
  • You should secure your bases before doing anything else. Ensure your rifle is unloaded, then remove the bolt, and point the rifle in a safe direction. Place the rifle in a gun vise or gun cradle. Use a degreasing agent, such as WD-40, to clean the base, rings, screws, and screws holes in the rifle’s receivers.
  • You should use a scope base if you want to attach a scope to your gun. Before attaching the scope base, you must clean everything first. Then align the mounts on the receiver with the mounting holes on your scope base. Tighten the screws individually. Do not use Loctite on the bolts.

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How to Mount A Scope On A Rifle Adjust Eye Relief

The scope should be adjusted to the lowest setting. The rifle should be held as if it were aimed at a target. The scope should be positioned as far forward as possible without losing sight of the target.

Remember: Move the scope, not your eyes to adjust eye relief. You should level the scope before mounting it on the rifle. To do this, you must first make sure that the rifle is level. I use an adjustable scope leveling kit, but there are many other good choices available.

Regardless of the scope level you use, make sure the rifle is perfectly level before adjusting the scope. Put the scope level on the scope and adjust the reticle until it is level as well.

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How to Mount A Scope On A Rifle Tighten Screws

Tighten the ring screws as you go along. Make sure the rifle remains level while tightening the ring screws. Also, make sure the space between the two rings is the same.

You should be careful when mounting your scope because if you do something wrong, you could damage your scope. Also, make sure you know what type of scope you need before buying it.

How to Mount a Leupold Scope

How to Mount a Leupold Scope?

How to Mount a Leupold Scope to an AR?

Scope manufacturers make sure that their products are durable and reliable. Leupold scopes have been around for years and have proven themselves as dependable. They offer high-quality optics and lenses. You’ll be happy when you buy one.

A rifle scope needs to be mounted on your AR 10. Before you start, you’ll need these tools:

Standard Tools

Screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Allen wrench, Pliers, Wire cutters, Hammer, Nail gun, Socket set, Wrench, etc…

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Torque Wrench

This tool is used in fixing scope mounts on the AR-10 platform.

Scope Mount

A tool has a double ring reach and two rings to attach to the rail system.


The scope should be installed level.

Gun Vice or Shooting Rest

A gun vise is used to hold a rifle steady while aiming. This tool is an important part of any shooting range. Gun vises come at different sizes and prices. You can buy them at your local store.

Prepare Your AR for Scope Mounting

To make sure your gun isn’t loaded, you should remove the magazine first. Then position the gun in the rest if available. After that, clean and remove the oil from the different parts. Use the bubble level tool to set it at the right level before you start.

Prepare to Add the Leupold Scope Mount

The scope should be placed on top of the upper barrel. Mounting the scope on the upper barrel may cause the gun to malfunction. Torque the scope mount to make sure it is stable but not too tight with a torque wrench.

Place the Scope

After fixing the scope mount, the first thing you need to do is drop the optic into the mount. Make sure the right side of the rings is facing up. Next, put the top part of the ring on the optic. Tighten the rings by pulling them down until they’re tight.

The scope should be tightened by hand until the reticle stops moving. After that, check the eye relief to see if there is any movement.


Align the reticle by focusing on a vertical line and then placing the bubble level on top. Then, align the scope horizontally by using the horizontal line on the bubble level.

Final Step

Tightening the scope rings and screws evenly on both sides. Check if your AR 10 Leopold scope is securely mounted. Testing the scope by aiming at targets and trying to hit them. You will know it’s mounted correctly if there are no issues encountered.

As you mount your rifle, make sure that everything is in place. This includes the scope, the barrel, the stock, the magazine, the bipod, and the sling. Make sure that everything is straight and level.


You should always get your firearms fixed by professionals. They know how to do it right.

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