How to Sight in a Thermal Scope – Step-by-Step Instructions

How do thermal scopes work and how to sight in a thermal scope are questions that are asked by many?

But don’t worry, in this article, we will answer your questions about thermal scopes.

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How to Sight in a Thermal Scope? – Easy Steps

Sighting scopes is vital to hitting targets. The scope should be adjusted correctly before shooting.

Thermal scopes are very useful tools. They allow you to see things that other scopes can’t. However, they’re hard to use because you can’t sight them normally.

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What You’ll Need

You should always check your equipment before heading out to the range. Make sure you have the right ammunition, and also make sure that you have enough targets to test your scope. Thermal scopes work better if you shoot them at something warm, such as a human body or an animal carcass.

Thermal targets are very useful when using a thermal scope. They glow under thermal lighting, making them easy to see. You can also use hand warmers to create heat around your target. This won’t work as well, but it’s still better than nothing.

Sighting Your Thermal Scope

You should always be prepared before heading out to the range. Make sure that you bring everything that you’ll need, including your gun and ammunition. Practice your shooting skills until you feel comfortable with them. Don’t forget to use proper technique when aiming your gun.

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Set Up Your Target

The thermal scope is used to see heat signatures. You need to be close enough to see them, but far away enough to avoid being seen yourself. A rifle is usually used to shoot targets at 100 yards.

Take Your Shots

You should always shoot at least three times before moving to the next shot. This helps ensure that you get a clear picture of what you’re aiming at.

Take More Shots

Always remember that practice makes perfect, so take more shots.

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Make Adjustments

Head back out, and make certain that all your rounds are grouped in the same area. Make sure that all the rounds are clustered in the middle of the target. If all the rounds were clustered around the bull’s eye, then you’re ready to shoot. If not, measure once more from the center of the group and adjust from there. Don’t adjust if you don’t have a cluster. If this happens, you’ll jump back and forth over your target, which can be very frustrating.

Wash Rinse and Repeat

You need to continue with these steps until your cluster is around the bullseye. Once you get there, you’ve successfully zeroed your thermal scope, and now you’re ready to go!

How Does A Thermal Scope Work?

Thermal scopes work by capturing images of heat signatures. They are digital cameras but do not record. They focus on a specific distance and display an image of what is there.

A camera is used to take pictures. An electronic device processes them and displays the images on a monitor.

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How to Sight in a Thermal Scope

How to Sight in a Thermal Scope?

Proper Stabilization While Sighting

Stabilizing your weapon properly means you should be able to shoot more accurately. A bipod or gun rest helps you do this by keeping your rifle steady. Calculations and sightings are both made easier when using these tools. Zeroing is another term for sighting.

Practice Round

Practice rounds are very important because you want to make sure your gun is perfectly aligned before going out into the field. You should also know how to use your weapon properly.

A thermal optic is used to see heat signatures. You must be able to adjust your weapon to ensure accuracy. Start by shooting three rounds to your target, then measure the distance horizontally and vertically. This will give you an idea of how accurate your shot was.

When you shoot off-target, you need to adjust your settings. However, if you hit the bullseyes or not, you don’t have to keep zeroing.

Make Adjustments

Thermal Optics come with adjustment mechanisms to help you adjust them. You should never change the settings without consulting the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your firing patterns, distances, and positions consistent. Make sure you don’t overdo it on either side. Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the right adjusting procedures.


  1. The reticle is the crosshairs on the top right side of the image.
  2. You can adjust the magnification by moving the eyepiece up or down.
  3. To move the crosshair over an object, you must press the button that corresponds with the direction you want to move it.
  4. If you have trouble seeing through smoke, try holding the thermal scope away from your face.


We hope that now you know how to sight in a thermal scope!

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