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What does 624×50 Mean on a Scope?

What Do the Numbers on a Rifle Scope Mean?

A 3-9×40 Scope is a great choice for hunting. Three times the magnification allows you to get closer images. Nine times the magnification gives you a wider field of view. Forty-millimeter lenses make for a smaller package.

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What Does × Mean on a Scope?

Scope questions are common. A scope is a device used to focus light onto a target. There are several types of scopes. Some scopes are designed to be handheld while others are fixed mounted. Scopes come in various sizes and shapes. Most scopes are made of metal but there are also plastic scopes available.

4x magnification means four times as much power or zoom. A 50mm lens is used at 100% (1X) magnification. So if you put a 50mm lens on your scope, you get 50mm at 1X magnification. Now, if you put a 10-24mm lens on your scope and use 2X magnification, you get 10mm at 2X magnification. So if you use a 10-24mm on your scope, you’ll get 10mm at 2x magnification.

A rifle scope is an optical device used to magnify the image of a target. It is attached to the barrel of a gun. When you aim your gun at something, the bullet travels down the barrel and hits the target. The bullet then bounces off the object and continues on its path. At this point, the bullet is still traveling fast enough to be dangerous if it misses the target.

To make sure the bullet hits the target, you need to see what is happening behind the bullet. This is done by using a rifle scope. You attach the scope to the end of the barrel of the gun.

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Magnification Explained

Scope magnification is measured by how much an object appears larger than it actually is. This is because our eyes are not as powerful as a telescope or microscope. In this case, we’re talking about the difference between a scope set to 4x and a scope set to 24x. A scope set to 4x would make objects appear four times bigger than they really are. A scope set to 24x would make them appear 24 times bigger.

This magnification against the naked eye is used universally in the scope world. Scopes from every country or region use the power magnification as opposed to the naked eye approach because the naked eye is too weak to see far away objects.


Riflescopes are loosely grouped together by type. Fixed power scopes are fixed in power. Variable power scopes adjust power based on elevation.

Powered Scopes

A fixed power scope is a type of scope that has a fixed magnification setting. These scopes were very popular during the 1960s and 1970s because they were the cheapest way to get a scope onto a gun. Most fixed power scopes are fairly easy to use as they don’t have an adjustable lens.

The scope is an optical instrument used to magnify objects or images. A telescope is an example of a scope. Telescopes come in many different sizes. Some telescopes are more powerful than others.

Fixed power scopes were once very popular but now they are less popular than adjustable power scopes.

Power Scopes

Variable power scopes are used by hunters to see farther into the distance. Their magnification ranges vary from 1-25.

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Variable Power Scopes

Variable power scopes have been around since the 1950s but they were never very popular. Today, variable power scopes are more popular than ever because they are easy to use and affordable. Most people buy them for their 3x to 9x magnification range.

Fixed power scopes are used to magnify objects. Magnification power is measured by the first number (4x). The size of the object being viewed is measured by the second number (32mm).

A scope is a tool used by hunters to aim at the game. Scopes come in many shapes and sizes. Fixed power scopes have a fixed magnification and a fixed objective lens. Variable power scopes have a range of magnification and a range of objective lenses.

Variable power scopes start out low and go high. For example, if you had a 10X variable power scope, your numbers would be 1-10×10.

A variable power scope is a scope that adjusts the magnification level based on what type of object is being viewed. For example, if you’re looking at an antelope, you’ll want to use a higher magnification than if you were viewing a rock.

A scope box is a box that shows the magnification range of the scope. This particular scope has a magnification range starting at 4 power and going all the way up to a maximum of 20 power. The size of the objective is 50mm.

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