When Was the ACOG Scope Invented? – All You Need to Know

What is an ACOG scope and when it was invested?

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When was it invented?

ACOG was invented in 1987, the first model was TA01.

After testing various scopes, US SOCOM decided upon the 4×32 TACO (Tactical Aiming Concept) optic for their M4s. They bought 12,000 units from Trijicon.

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Why the ACOG?

Machine guns are deadly weapons used by soldiers to kill people. Soldiers use them to protect themselves from attacks. Machine guns are useful because they allow soldiers to shoot many bullets quickly. Machine guns are very dangerous because they can easily injure or even kill innocent bystanders. A soldier should be careful when using a machine gun.

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An ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is a weapon sight used by military forces around the world. It is designed to be mounted on a rifle or machine gun, allowing the operator to aim and fire accurately while wearing night-vision goggles.

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When Was the ACOG Scope Invented

When Was the ACOG Scope Invented?

What is an ACOG?

ACOGs are optical gunsights used by military forces around the world. They are usually fixed power optics that range from 1.5X to 6X magnification with plenty of options in-between. There are a total of 12 different ACOG variants with more than a dozen different reticle configurations. Some use batteries while others use fiber optic technology to illuminate the reticle, but most rely on both technologies.

A comparison chart straight from Tri-Jason. This chart shows how each optic compares to the others. The fiber optics absorb light during the day and give off a faint glow when night comes around. Tritium gives the reticle a slightly glowing effect.

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Now you know where ACOG was invented.

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