What Scope Rings Fit Ruger American Rifle? – Easy Selection Guide with Tips

what scope rings fit ruger

If you have a Ruger American Rifle, you must be wondering which scope rings you can fit.

Well, you are at the right place.

This article is all about Ruger American Rifle and the scope rings.

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What Scope Rings Fit Ruger American Rifle?


Ruger American Rifle Scope Mounts are made in America. These mounts are designed to be stronger than other mounts. They require no lapping and are ready to use right away.

Talley Scope Mounts set the industry standard for precision, quality, and durability. Their products are made by hand using the finest materials. Their products are flexible, strong, and durable. Talley Scope Mounts offer repeatability, flexibility, and strength.

American-made scope mounts are lightweight aircraft aluminum. They come in different heights and sizes. This scope mount is extra low and comes in three different heights.

Extra-low extended 300mm lens. Low 400mm lens. Low extended 400mm lens. Medium 500mm lens. Medium extended 500mm lens.

The high end of this rifle is.600″ or 2.5 inches. The low-end is.300″ or 7.62mm. This rifle has an overall length of 6.8 inches. The barrel length is 3.2 inches. The weight is 2.6 ounces. The bore diameter is.30 mm or 0.12 inches. The rifling twist rate is 300 rpm. The muzzle velocity is 940 feet per second. The bullet type is.308 Winchester.

What height scope rings do I need for my Ruger American?

A simplified method of determining required scope height. Using some sort of shims (i.e. metal coins, washers, etc.) stack up the required number to achieve desired scope height, then verify the final height does not interfere with the bolt handle. Measure the total stack of shims.

Torque Recommendations?

Cap screws should be tightened until the ring cap screw is snug but does not bind. Torque specifications must be verified by the manufacturer. Never over-tighten the main tube.

Torque should be checked by the gunsmith before mounting the scope. Make sure you use a calibrated torque wrench.

What is a Loctite?

Loctite is a great product for fixing things. You should use it if you need to fix something. Don’t use too much though or your stuff might get ruined.


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