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What is Millett Scope?

Millett scopes are very expensive. They’re made of one piece of aluminum and are very sturdy. They have multi-coated lenses and nitrogen filled to make them brighter and crisper. They have a large objective lens diameter to increase light transmission.

This gun has multiple brightness settings and illuminated reticles. It also has a mil dot reticle.

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About Millett Scopes (learn what happed to them here)

What Happened to Millett Scopes?

The Milletts were engineers who invented the first injection molding machine. Their invention paved the way for other inventions in the gun industry.

Millett Industries is a company started by Ray Millet. Ray bought old cleaning equipment from an out-of-business clothes cleaner. He used the tanks, pipes, and other parts to create a new process for manufacturing parts. Together with a physics professor, he refined the process for creating usable parts.

Moreover, Millett’s is a type of rocket nozzle used by rockets. Their first parts were made for aerospace industries. Small rocket nozzles made of ceramic material would be able to withstand the heat of rocket exhaust. Tom Millett, who was pivotal in the future, brought a love of firearms to the company. He also brought a new spirit to the company, and he helped make Millett what it is today.

Milletts was the first company to develop a new type of sight for handguns. These sights were made popular because they were easy to install.

Tom recognized the future in optics. He developed a line of rifle scopes. He wanted to make sure his scopes lived up to the Millett brand. So he asked his brother, Jim, to develop a computer program to test the quality of his optics.

A design engineer named Jim Millett invented a gun scope that could be used by hunters. He also designed a gun scope that was more efficient than other gun scopes.

Tom Millett made many contributions to the world, including making Millett Industries. He passed away in 2005, but his legacy lives on in the Bushnell family.

Ray and Betty Millett enjoy retirement life. They sell outdoor equipment that enables people to achieve rugged independence in activities of their choice. Their company Vista Outdoor operates in two main business segments: shooting sports and outdoor products. Their portfolio includes well-known brands designed to bring the outdoors inside.

Vista Outdoor sells outdoor equipment and supplies. Their headquarters are located in Utah. They manufacture products in ten states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. Their products are sold at major retailers and distributors across North America and around the world.

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Pros of Millet Scopes

This rifle is a great choice for beginners who want to start out with a cheap rifle. It offers good quality optics for long-distance shooting.

Brief History

Ray and Betty Millett founded a company called Millett Industries. Their son Thomas joined the company when he was 16 years old. He developed a passion for guns and became an expert in gunsmithing. This helped the company grow tremendously.


These riflescopes are well constructed and have many good features. They are durable and reliable. You can use them for hunting or shooting sports. Their turrets and knobs are secure and easy to use. They have a Mil-Dot reticle. This scope is a great choice for any rifle platform.

Ease of Use

Milletts are great scopes for beginners or experienced shooters. They are easy to use and have smooth turrets and side focus knob adjustments. They also have zoom rings to allow users to change magnification levels depending on the situation.

Make sure to mount the scope correctly. Don’t turn the turrets past their stops. Avoid damage to the adjustment screws. Look for other scopes that are easier to adjust.

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This rifle scope has a multi-coated lens to get a clear image. It is suitable for both good and bad weather. The optic is of high quality.

Is this scope easy to adjust?

Yes, it offers a simple adjustment mechanism. What about the range of magnification? The magnification ranges from 4x to 10x. How much does it weigh? The weight is about 2 lbs.


This scope has a green illumination system that allows you to see your target better in low-light conditions. It has a mil-dot reticle and a parallax adjustment starting at 10 yards and going infinitely.


Bulletproof design, precision controls, and accuracy are three main factors that make a Millet Rifle Scope worth investing in. In this review, we found two models with turret locks that prevent accidental movements of the elevation and windag of the scope. Beginner shooters may find this scope slightly complicated at first, but if they understand how it functions, this scope can function as well as it should be.

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Millett offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products. You can read about the terms of the warranty on their website.


A sighting device at a budget-friendly price is reliable enough. We found that Millett products such as TRS 1 and the newest tactical models are affordably-priced despite their excellent construction and performace. To help you save time and money in choosing a scope, you should itemize beforehand your intended purpose of a rifle scope. Then, you can easily narrow your options.


How Does It Compare to Others?

This scope may not be as exceptional as other top-tiered brands, but it is dependable enough in most situations.

Gun owners have verified that it is trustworthy in big game hunting, military shooting, and law enforcement operations, and these are the main pros that this scope is well known for rugged construction, locking rings, excellent reticle design, easy re-zeroing, and reliable optical components (second focal plane).

What Does the Millett Optics Work Well With?

Millette’s models (e-g, TRS1, and LRS) can mount on many rifle platforms like Ar10, Ar15, Remington 700, etc. If you want to know more rifles that can be used with them, we suggest that you visit any shooter’s online forum or reviews to get more detailed and helpful suggestions. Make certain to only take advice from confirmed gun enthusiasts.

Any Drawbacks of Millet Scopes?

Sighting scopes are not perfect. However, if they could provide the services they were designed for, then they’re definitely worth the investment you’ve spent. Here are some drawbacks to this scope: novice shooters may find it difficult to use with their firearms.

Aluminum tubes are made by Chinese manufacturers, but they’re manufactured in the US. This may be a problem if you want your air conditioner to last longer than five years.

Millet Scope Is It Worth It?

The scope is great for hunting but expensive. Reviews show that it’s worth buying.

Millett Scopes Tactical and Practical

Millet scopes are made of high-quality materials and are very durable. They’re also easy to use and maintain. Millet rifle scopes come in several different series such as LRS, TRS, DMS, and BUCK GOLD.

Millett Scopes

This rifle scope has only one model. It is 6-25x56mm with 5 different reticles and finishes. It is built on a one-piece 35mm tube. The LRS scopes have a mil dot bar reticle for long-range shots and are available in both illuminated or non-illuminatd models. The LRS scoped rifles are made with a 56mm bell for better brightness and a side focus knob for parallax adjustment.

These rifles are used to hunt big game. They have a long barrel and short stock. Their scope is mounted on top of the rifle. The scope has a mil dot reticle. The rifles have a lot of power.

This scope has a magnification range of 4-16x. It uses a Duplex reticle. It has a side focus parallax adjustment knob. It has specially coated lenses for increased light transmission.

A Millett scope is a high-quality scope that offers many options. The design allows for fast target acquisition at close ranges and accurate long-distance shots. The miltlet scope is available in both a matte black finish and a camo pattern.

Millett Rifle Scope Overview High Quality in Classes

You can put millett rifle scopes into five classes of optics. Atleast thats what millett themselves do on their website. They grouped their several offerings into designated marksman tactical long-range tactical red dot and sp red dot classes.

You could probably argue that some combinations could be combined, but the makers see them as separate products. So, I’ll stick to my original plan and list them separately.

Millett Designated Marksman Rifle Scopes

These scopes were designed by a man named John Millett who also made the famous M1 Garand rifle. He started making scopes in 1938, and he died in 1990. The “BK’s” are black because that’s what they are. The “8” refers to 8X magnification, while the other four numbers refer to the size of the reticle.

This rifle is 24 mm in diameter. It weighs 5.5 oz. and is 645 mm long.

These three scopes share many similarities. Their tubes are 30mm long. They are fully multi-coated. They have an eye relief of 0.5 inches. And all three scopes have a click value of 0.5 inches at 1000 yards.

Millett Tactical Rifle Scopes

All the scopes are made out of steel and are black or camo-style. There is a difference in the click values of the BK81009 compared to the others.

All three tactical scopes have these features: 4-16x power, 50mm objective lens, illuminated Mil-Dot Bar Reticle, fully multi-coated lenses, 3.5-inch eye-relief, weight: 32oz., length: 406mm.

Millett Long Range LRS Rifle Scopes

Black and Camouflage stand for long-range scope. The main difference among them is the reticle. The model reticle.

  • BK81001 1/4 MOA
  • BK81002 0.1 MIL
  • BK82003 1/4 MOA
    BK82004 0.1 MIL

All the LRS scopes have 6-25x Power and Multi Coated lenses.

Millett Tactical Red Dot Rifle Scopes

There are three tactical red dot models manufactured by Millett:

  • TRD0001 (24mm)
  • TRD0002 (25mm)
  • TRD0003 (30mm).

These models magnify 1x (1x 1 magnification factor), have a 30mm tube, a 5MOA reticle, and a 0.5″ click value.

This scope is very different from the other ones. It doesn’t have a tube-style design, and it isn’t a tube scope either. It looks more like a rifle scope than a telescope.

Millett SP Red Dot Rifle Scopes

The RD00904 is the red dot version of the RD00004. The RD00006 is the silver version of the RD00906.

This last group contains the most differences from one model to the other of any of the classes created by Millet. Examine the table above to see what I mean!

RD00005 SP-2 compact 30 5 min dot black matte. RD00905 sp-2 compact 30 5min dot silver. RD00006 multi-dot sp30 3, 5, 8 & 10 min dot black matte. rd00906 multi-dot sp30 three, five, eight & ten minute dot silver.

Red Dot Size is adjustable to 4 different sizes.

Conclusion and Overview

TRS-1 has the Millett Mil-dot bar reticle that makes it easy to range and figure Mil’s, we have changed the brightness of the green reticle to a lower level on the illuminated reticle, giving a better low light use. Customer reviews on these scopes are excellent.

These scopes come with an anodized finish. And also a black matte finish. So choosing these scopes for your use is a pretty decent option.

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