What Scope Do Marines Use on M4 – Full Overview, FAQs & More

What scope do Marines use on M4?

It is a question most people ask.

Let’s find out.

Why the Marines choose an LPVO it makes sense?

Marines are riflemen who use rifles. Every Marine must be rifle qualified, and rifle qualification holds a lot of importance. Marines take a left turn when it comes to choosing optics because they want to be riflemen. Fixed power magnified optics are used by the Marines. Recently, the Marines replaced the Trijicon AC-OG with an LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic).

The Marines chose the Trijicon VC OG because it was the most reliable weapon system available. It is a variable combat optical gunsight that is used by the Marine Corps. It is designed for use with the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

The Marines are going to buy 19,000 of these new sights. SOCOM, JSOSC, Force Recon, and Marksman use them already. The Marines will be the first ones to adopt this sight as a standard issue.

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What is an LPVO?

LPVO stands for the low-power variable optic. It refers to a magnifying optic that starts with a low power setting and then varies to a higher power. The VCOG adopted will be a 1x -8x optic, outfitted with an FFP scope. Marines can alternate among different magnification settings.

The ACOG allows Marines to see farther and engage targets at longer ranges than other rifles. This makes them more versatile and deadly. In Afghanistan, many Marines found themselves in firefights over 500 yards away. The 4 power magnification the ACOG offers isn’t enough magnification to quickly locate the enemy.

A magnified optic allows marines to see threats better than ever before. With this level of magnification, they can spot terrain features as well. The reticle will enlarge and shrink as the magnification changes, allowing them to be accurate at any magnification setting without having to adjust the reticle size. The reticle also includes a bullet drop compensating feature that automatically adjusts for bullet drop. This is a part of the reticle found in the ACOG riflescope line.

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Why The LPVO?

Lpvo rifles are very popular because of their versatility. Their magnification ranges vary from 1 to 8 power. This allows them to be used as a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, and even a machine gun.

LPsVOs are great weapons for close-quarter combat. Their high magnifications allow Marines to see targets at a distance. They also work well when Marines are on guard duty.

LPVO offers our warfighters unmatched versatility as far as optics go. LPVO optics have become much more durable. Previously fixed optics weren’t considered for general infantry use because of durability concerns. Nowadays, most elite Marines choose the LPVO over other fixed optics.

Companies like Trijicon are always trying to make their products better. Their newest product is called the VCOG (Visible Combat Optic). This new weapon sight is designed to be durable and tough enough to withstand the rigors of combat. The VCOG is also shockproof and waterproof.

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LPVO Downsides

The VCOG is twice as heavy and almost twice as long as the ACOG.

Moving Forward

The Marine Corps is rolling out new lightweight scopes for their rifles. These scopes will make them more effective in combat situations. This should improve the effectiveness of the Marines.

what scope do marines use on m4

What Scope Do Marines Use on M4?

Marines Set to Field New Designated Marksman Rifle

Designated marksmen are the most accurate shooters in a unit. They are not snipers because they do not need to be stealthy or hidden.

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The US Army’s M Rifles Will No Longer Have ACOGs or AimPoints

The United States Army is replacing its old Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight with a new model called SIG Sauer’s TANGA6T. This new gun sight comes with a variable magnification optic. The TANGA6T will replace the ACOG and will be used by the U.S. military.

After rigorous testing, the best of the industry came together to compete for this contract. The winner was confirmed to be SIG SAUER Tango 6T riflescope. The value of this contract is estimated to be $ 77,168,400.

The Army wanted an optic that could provide variable power magnification with a maximum magnification of 6.0x with no round-off. The Army also wanted an optic that had a passive reticle with an Army-specified reticle pattern. The optic needed to have free-floating windage and range adjust mark. The optic needed to be able to operate in extreme temperatures and environments. The optic needed to include an illuminated center aiming feature.

The variable optic is a rifle scope that allows you to change magnification without changing your eye relief. You can adjust the magnification by turning knobs on the side of the scope. A variable optic is designed to allow you to quickly switch between low power and high power settings.

The RCO is a popular rifle scope among military and civilians alike. It provides great accuracy and range but cannot zoom in. The CCO is a compact rifle scope designed specifically for the M4/AR15 platform. While it does lack magnification, it offers an easy-to-use interface and high-quality optics. The Sig Sauer variable magnification optic allows users to change magnification without having to remove the optic from the weapon.

Sig Sauer’s new riflescopes are tough enough to withstand the rigors of war. These scopes are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and feature the Hellfire illumination system. This allows you to see your targets even when there is low light. The Tango 6x 24 is the first focal plane scope that provides range estimation and wind holds. It also has a locking illumination dial and a power selector ring throw lever.

The Army and the SOCOM selected the TANGO 6T as their standard issue rifle optics. The Tango 6T is based on the G28 DMR.


Sig Sauer handguns were made for the US army. Their P320 handgun was chosen as the new standard service pistol. A new rifle is being tested by the US army.

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