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Where are Blaser Riflescopes Made?

Blaser Jagdwaffens GmbH is a well-known German company that makes high-quality guns. Their main product is hunting rifles, but they also make other types of weapons. In addition to firearms, they also sell optical equipment such as binoculars and scopes.

Their headquarters is located in Germany.


The rifle was developed by Horst Blaser in Isny Allgaue, Germany during WWII. He used his limited knowledge to design a rifle that could be made cheaply. Horst Blaser’s rifle had some differences from other rifles. For example, the barrel was drilled instead of being forged.

Blaser is a German gun manufacturer founded in 1957. Their products include handguns, rifles, shotguns, and sporting equipment. Blaser was founded in 1957 as a subsidiary of the Blaser-Waffenfabrik Bernburg AG. The company began producing rifles under the name Blaser Rifles. Today, Blaser is owned by the American company Smith & Wesson.

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Minox and Sports Optics

The company is now producing high-quality sporting equipment. Their main focus is on hunting optics. The company acquired Minox in 2013.

Under the umbrella of Leica, Minox began showing interest in sports optics after seeing a worldwide demand. Soon after, the Minox company unveiled a range of sporting optics targeting hunters and outdoorsmen. All customers, whether beginners or experts, can enjoy reliable and high-quality products.

Blaser Group Wetzlars is a company that produces long-range riflescopes. Their products include hunting optics, tactical scopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

Production Facilities

Blaser scopes are produced at Minosx production facilities in Wetzler and Isny Im Allegany.

Minox Wetzlar

Minox is an optical instrument manufacturer based in Germany. Their first product was a rangefinder camera called the Minox 35. In the 1950s, Minox produced the Minox M1, a compact 35mm single-lens reflex camera. This camera was used by many famous photographers such as Helmut Newton.

In the 1970s, Minox began producing the Minox AFM, a 35mm SLR camera. This camera was popular among professional photographers because of its high quality and low price. In the 1980s, Minox introduced the Minox MD, a digital camera.

This camera was also very successful.

In 1997, Minox released the Minox D2, a digital camera that could be connected to computers. This camera was sold worldwide, but the sales were poor due to the lack of support from Minox. In 2002, Minox released the new Minox D3, a digital camera that had some improvements over the previous models. This camera was also sold worldwide, but again, the sales were poor. In 2006, Minox released the D4, a digital camera that was similar to the D3. This camera was also a great success, selling around 1 million units. However, in 2011, Minox announced that they would stop manufacturing cameras. Instead, they would focus on developing lenses and other accessories for cameras.

Minox enjoyed over 30 years in the spotlight but ran into financial and administrative problems in the early 1980s when the factory workforce was reduced by 750 people. Leica Camera AG bought out Minox in 1996. Minox then entered the sports optics market, starting with binocular and rifle scopes. Minox again became an independent company in 2005.

Minox manufactures rifle scopes for sportsmen who want to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology. All Minox riflescopes feature a sturdy steel tube and are precision-machined to exacting specifications.

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Where are Minox Scopes Made

Where is Minox Scopes Made?

Series Origin

Blaser X IC

The Blaser 4-20×56 IC Twilight Specialist allows you to hunt at twilight or night when there is still enough light for your prey. This scope includes several advanced features such as a maximum 20x magnification and a large field of view.

Hunting rifles are usually used by hunters who want to hunt big game such as deer or bear. This particular gun is designed to be used in forests.

Blaser X IC 4-20×58

This scope is great for twilight shooting. It has a big eye relief, but not too much. The magnification is pretty high, but you can still see everything. It has a big range of vision, but you won’t be able to see anything if you’re far away. It has a lot of cool features, like the illuminated reticle and the ability to adjust the zoom. This scope is useful for identifying targets when hunting in dense forests. You can use this scope for any type of shooting sport.

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Blaser X IC

A Blaser scope is a great choice for the twilight hunter. This scope is designed for high-magnification shooting. It has a maximum magnification of 20x. It comes with a parallax adjustment range from 50 meters to infinity. It has a field of view of 9.2 meters to a 1.9-meter range. It has a maximum exit pupil of 12.3mm to 2.9mm. It has nitrogen waterproofing, and it is built with Blaser’s very own multi-coating technology.

High magnification riflescopes are used by hunters who want to see what they’re shooting at up close. These scopes are made to be used with long-range rifles.

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