Where are Sightmark Scopes Made? – Full Analysis, Tips & More

What are Sightmark Scopes, and Where are Sightmark Scopes made?

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Sightmark, Where Are They Made?

Like most optical companies, SightMark and FireField products originate from China — where, in recent years, local manufacturers have made significant progress in terms of production techniques and quality controls, making them able to provide high-quality products at an affordable price for global buyers.

Sightmark Wraith K Monocular

Wraith Digital Riflescope

This is a digital scope that provides a high-quality view of the world around you. You can see things more clearly than before. You can use this scope to hunt at night. You can also use it during day time if you want to.

The Wraith allows you to record and share videos. You can use the built-in camera or connect your smartphone via a USB cable. The camera records up to 4 hours of video on a single charge. The device includes four AAA batteries.

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Sightmark and Firefield Optics

Optics Sport shooters and hunters should buy these two brands. Sellmark Corporation is an international company based in Texas. It distributes optical sights and accessories for sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. In February 2017, the company started Sellmark International, its new base of operations in Bulgaria.

Sellmark Corporation owns many different brands including 12 Survivors, Pulsar, and Sightmark Firefields. Sellmark Corporation also distributes other products such as camping gear, outdoor equipment, and night vision devices. Their most popular product is the Night Vision System (Pulsar).

Both brands offer a wide range of optical sights. Sightmark products were established in 2007, while Firefield products were launched in 2009, to satisfy the shooters’ needs. Since then, both brands have been very popular worldwide, establishing themselves before the explosion of the optics market as seen in recent years.

Sightmark Citadel 5-30X56 LR2 Rifle Scope

Sightmark and Firefield are both tactical rifle scopes. Both are designed to be used by hunters or sportsmen who want to improve their accuracy. They also come with warranties that protect buyers if something goes wrong.

Sightmarks offer great scopes, red dots, reflex sights, and lasers. Their products are very high quality. Sightmark offers training courses for all types of guns.

Sightmark and Firefield products are designed to be used by every type of shooter. Their products are affordable, reliable, and up-to-date with the market trends and needs. They’re also created by professionals who know what shooters want.

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Sightmark Pinnacle Scope Review

Sightmark is a lesser know optics company. Sightmark Pinnacle is an elite scope line. The scope came with two markings on the box. Two markings on the box give you a lot of information about this scope.

Sightmark Pinnacle is a 1-6x optic with a 24mm objective lens, and it was made in Texas. It has a 10th-millimeter adjustable capped turret, an internal adjustment mechanism, and a 30mm tube. The company designed the entire scope, including the ten-millimeter adjustable capped turrets, internal adjustments, and the 30mm tube.

The company that makes the best scopes in the world is located in Japan.

Sightmark’s scope has great optical quality and performance on par with similar scopes. It was designed well and manufactured very expensively. This scope is robust and offers lots of adjustments.

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Sightmark Latitude xmm PRS Details

Sightmark has been around for almost 10 years and has established itself as a new scope manufacturer using the latest technology for affordable scopes. Their products come with a host of features including a wide field of view, great eye relief, and an easy-to-use design. The Latitude 6-25x56mm riflescope is designed with the long-range shooter in mind and comes with many features.

A first focal plane scope is an expensive piece of equipment. It costs more than $1,000. It has a nice illuminated reticle.

It doesn’t require illumination during daytime hours. It has five brightness settings for the red and green dots. It is etched, so it doesn’t need to be illuminated during daytime hours.

Zero Stop Elevation Feature

The PRS has a zero-stop elevation dial. This allows shooters to quickly transition from long-range shots to close range without having to adjust the elevation. It is useful when transitioning from a long-range shooting position to a closer target.

Where are Sightmark Scopes Made

Where is Sightmark Scopes Made?

Who is the Sightmark Wraith HD x Best Suited to?

The Wraith is a great choice for varmints. It’s cheap, easy to use, and doesn’t require batteries. You won’t be disappointed by it.

The Highmark wraith HD has what we call ‘foundational quality’. The major components are well built and designed in such a manner to provide the exact feature that you’re looking for – visibility in the dark. This particular model has a high resolution 1920 x 1080 sensor and a high-resolution HD display of 1280 x 720. With a large 50mm lens, all this equated to a high-resolution image when you’re shooting at night.

A digital scope is a great tool for hunting. It’s equipped with many useful features including a Day mode display. It uses AAA batteries instead of CR123s. It’s heavy but it doesn’t take up much space.

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Digital Features

The Wraith HD offers great value for money. Most high-end scopes do not offer color displays for good reasons. The Wraith HD does offer a color display, but it is limited to green and black/white. This scope also offers a day and night mode.

The Wraith may not have an audio recorder, but it does video capture and takes pictures. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, choose a reticle type, choose a reticle color, and adjust for zero.


Decent Warranty

Sightmark offers a 3-year warranty on the Wraith HD camera. You must register the camera within 30 days of purchase, but you get an extra year of coverage if you do. You also need to provide proof of purchase when registering the camera.

Your warranty is non-transferable, which means you can’t sell the scope to someone else. You also get a full year of extra coverage. It’s still an expensive purchase, though.


Poor Battery Life

Wraith HD scopes require high amounts of power, but they’re still very light. You should be careful when using them because if you run out of juice, your scope won’t work anymore. Use the sleep mode to save battery life.

The Wraith has a USB port for charging your phone or other devices. You can also use rechargeable AA batteries to extend hunting hours.


We hope that now you have a better understanding of where Sightmsrk scopes are made and what this brand offers.

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