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Where are Steiner Riflescopes Made?

Steiner Optics is a well-known brand of high-quality sports optics. Founded in 1945, Steiner Optics is based in Bayreuth, Germany.

Riflescopes are used by hunters and sportsmen to see distant objects more easily than with naked eyes. Telescopic sights were invented in the 19th century but didn’t become popular until the 20th century. Some manufacturers produced them for civilians, while others made them for military use.

Steiner Riflescope History

Steiner Binoculars was founded in 1952 by Hans Steiner. He started out making binoculars for the German Army. In 1962 he moved to England and began manufacturing binoculars for the British Army. After a few years, he decided to move back to Germany. There he made binoculars for the US Army. Then he went back to England and produced binoculars for the Royal Navy. Finally, he returned to Germany again and produced binoculars exclusively for the German Army.

Steiner Optik officially launched in the United States after acquiring Laser Devices, and Sensor Technology Systems. Steiner Optik produces a large number of products in Germany and marks them as Made In Germany. Military-grade scopes are available for sale by the general public, but Steiner does not sell any M-Series scopes.

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Berretta Holding Group

Steiner Optics is a well-known manufacturer of firearms optics. The company was acquired by Beretta Holding Group in 2008. The Berreta Group is considered one of the largest weapons manufacturers and holds direct and indirect stakes in over 32 arms and sporting brands. Steiner products are now available in more than 65 different countries.

Production Facilities

Steiner scopes are made in Germany and the US. Entry-level binoculars are mostly made by other companies. Steiner scopes are kept under strict supervision to ensure quality and optical performance.

Bayreuth Bavaria Germany

Steiner Optik is a company that produces optical equipment. The production facilities are located in Bayreuth. The factory has been expanding over time. There are offices upstairs, and there is also a service department downstairs.

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Materials and Manufacturing

Optical housings require precision machining and must be tested before being used. High-quality optical housings are produced by using CNC machines. These machines are controlled by computers and use software to produce parts to exact specifications. Any defective parts are rejected and sent back for rework.

Where are Steiner Scopes Made

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Lens Manufacturing and Coating

Steiner’s lenses are made by hand and pass through a rigorous nine-stage process before being coated. Steiner’s nano-coatings improve the light transmission properties of the lens.

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Greeley Colorado United States

Burris Optics is an American company that manufactures riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes. Burris Optics is based out of Greely, CO. Burris Optics also manufactures some scopes produced by Steiner Optik. These scopes were previously made by Steiner Optik GmBh. In 2012, Burris Optics started making Steiner scopes. Burris makes most of its scopes in Colorado.


The company produces high-quality scopes made from aluminum alloy bars. The company also makes rifle scopes using high-precision machinery. The company uses state-of-art technology for manufacturing rifle scopes.

Steiner warranty

Steiner Heritage Warranty is for electronic products’ lifetimes, which are fully transferable. Covers both defects and accidental noncosmetic damages.

Where are Steiner scopes made?

Steiner scopes are made by two companies: Steiner Optics and Zeiss. Steiner scopes are German-made while Zeiss scopes are American-made. The military scopes are the most expensive ones, followed by police scopes, then hunting scopes.

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Steiner’s TXi and MXi

Steiner optics are famous for being tough and clear. This is because they’re made out of German glass. Most people think of Steiner binoculars as being used by snipers. But this isn’t true. The T5 line of scoped rifles is made in the US.


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