Who Makes CVLIFE Scopes? – Full Overview, FAQs & More

People often ask, What are CVLIFE Scopes and who makes them?

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Who Makes CVLIFE Scopes?

CVLIFE Scopes are made in China by CVLIFE Optics.

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle and Scope

This hunting scope is our number 1 pick because of its high quality and its affordable price. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new hunting scope or want to upgrade your old one.

The best hunting scope for a detailed review of the top hunting scopes is the Bushnell Trophy XTR HD T6-XR 6x42mm Rifle Scope. This scope is designed for long-range shooting.

It features an illuminated reticle system that allows you to see your target even in low light conditions. The scope also comes equipped with a quick detachable mount.

Note: If you want to know a complete guide about scopes click HERE.

Specifications and Features

This scope is made out of tough material that doesn’t get scratched or worn out easily. It also has colored lenses that let you see your prey more clearly. You can clean it up yourself because it comes with its own cleaning kit.

This rifle scope is suitable for hunting or target shooting. It has an illuminated level of 5 intensity. It has a tube diameter of 25.4mm. It has a length of 40cm. It weighs 630g.

It comes with a battery pack of CR2032. It has a package including of scope mount, lens cover, and two scope mounts.

An Overview On Hunting Scopes

A scope helps you see your prey better. You should get a scope if you plan to hunt deer or other large game.

Scope models should be chosen based on compatibility with rifles. High-quality scopes are built to withstand harsh conditions. Some models are also sealed to prevent moisture damage.

Reviewing lenses is important because it helps you see better. Multi-colored lenses eliminate glare and provide a higher light transmission than single-color lenses.

There are more than 5 different illumination modes available, so make sure yours has them. Wind and elevation adjustments are necessary for shooting outdoors.

An eyepiece with quick reticle focusing is ideal for outdoor shooting.

Don’t forget to check out the adjustable objective. Some rifles come with a range of 15 yards or more, while others start at just three yards.

Long eye relief is important because you don’t want to risk putting your eyes in harm’s way.

Who Makes Cvlife Scopes

Who Makes Cvlife Scopes?

CVLIFE Scopes Review

Water Resistant

The waterproof scope is an excellent feature that helps snipers in many ways. It allows them to shoot even during rain or snowstorms. This feature is available in CVLIFE 6*24*50 Power Riflescopes.

Stylish Design

This scope is very attractive and eye-catching. It is designed to attract people around you. It is also made to be used by professionals who want to improve their shooting skills.

Shockproof and Fog Proof

Water-resistant scopes are great because they protect you from bad weather. Shockproof scopes are great because you won’t get shocked by them. Fog-proof scopes are great because when you’re shooting in the woods, you don’t want to see anything.


This is a great hunting scope. It has great magnfication. We recommend this to everyone who wants to hunt.

Red Green Grid

CVLIFE optics come in five brightness levels. They may be limited in the number of brightness settings, but they offer great value for money. These optics are suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.

You can choose between green or red dots.

Hours CR Batteries

CVLife scopes are best known as long-lasting batteries. They’re used in many different types of scopes, but they are most commonly found in the 2.5-20x50mm riflescope series.   


We hope that now you know where CVLIFE Scopes are made. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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