Who Makes UTG Scopes? – All its Types, FAQs, More

What are UTG Scopes and who makes them?

It is a question asked by many.

Let’s find out together!

UTG Scopes are made in…

Michigan, USA and were founded in Taiwan in 1992.

What UTG Scopes Are Known For?

UTG scopes are made in Michigan, USA. They are very high quality and durable. Their product line includes both riflescope and binoculars. Some of their products are made in other countries but still get quality American-made parts.

UTG scopes are reliable because they’re manufactured under strict quality control standards. UTG scopes also come with a lifetime warranty. You can repair or replace them without having to pay anything out of pocket.

Many UTG scopes further utilize MIL-dot reticles. These reticles are very popular among veteran shooters and law enforcement. Bullet drop compensation and holdovers are extremely important when using these types of scopes.

All in all, UTG riflescopes are typically compact, sturdy, offer great optics, and include several user-friendly design choices. Let’s take a closer look at three top UTG scoped rifles.

This compact riflescope offers an illuminated mil-dot reticle that can be adjusted to red or green colors.

That’s not all! This scope also offers a wide field of view all along with magnification levels between 3x – 9x. It’s a great scope for tactical engagements or hunting scenarios that take place under 1000 yards. The scope features a set of phenomenal turrets that can be zero resets and locked with your fingers. Each turret offers a tactile feel and a great clicking noise when you adjust them.

This scope has a very sturdy construction and a high-quality finish. You can adjust the objective to compensate for parallax. The scope also comes with a set of accessories.

All in all, we’re impressed by the quality of the UTG scope. It’s a great example of what you can get for a low price. You’ll love it if you’re looking for a compact optic that packs a lot of features into a small package.

A 30mm objective lens and magnification settings up to 12x let you extend your effective range to 1000 yards and a bit more. The optic is built to be durable but lacks a mounting system.

These scopes are very useful for hunting because of their great features. Their lenses are specially coated to transmit light efficiently and protect them from scratches. They also have an anti-glare feature to prevent your eyes from being irritated by bright sunlight. The illuminated reticle is easy to see in any lighting condition.

This scope is great for long-range shooting. You can adjust for windage and elevation, and you can lock the turrets. You can even use a magnifying glass to see the target better. This scope is very durable, and it is easy to clean.

Lenses are phenomenal. Sunshade protects the lens. Very nice turret performance. No included mount. This scope combines great overall quality with an affordable price tag. Its small size and light weight will make you wonder how UTG did it, but don’t think about it too much; just enjoy.

A long-range scope with high magnification settings. You can use it to view faraway objects. It also has a quick power selector ring.

This rifle scope is great for hunting. It has a wide field of view and a low power setting. It comes with a twist-lock ring system that lets you attach it to different types of rifles. It has a waterproof design and sturdy construction.

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This scope has 4X magnification. It also has an objective lens with a diameter of 30mm. It has a 36-color illuminated reticule. It has rings for mounting.


This camera is very easy to use. It has a zoom function and a favorite brightness setting. It also has turrets that make it easier to take pictures of things you want to remember.

Bug Buster Features

The bug buster is an excellent rifle for the medium-sized game. It is designed to be shot at close ranges. It is also very accurate. However, it does not perform well at long distances.

Scopes need to be affordable and offer great magnification. You should also check out our reviews of scopes.

This scope is great for short-range shooting. It has a parallax-free point of view of 3 feet and that can go up to any distance you want!

A 32mm lens is enough to magnify objects at 100 yards. The scope has a 14-37.7 ft field of view. This scope is surprisingly good at aiming.

Unfortunately, the lenses here aren’t fully multi-coated, which is a major downside. That might lead to glare at very bright days and wouldn’t feel great if you were aiming below the sun. In your package, you will get a 2-inch sunshade to help with that.

The objective lens has a single green layer of emerald coating. This allows a good amount of light to enter the tube but isn’t as good compared to other scopes with multi-coated lenses. There is a 2-inch eye relief, which is good but when combined with the short body length, it makes it difficult to use comfortably.

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Reticle Options

Leapers UTG is a pioneer in mil-dot technology. Their range estimating reticle is far superior to simple red dots. It is useful at both short and long ranges.

Normal mil-dots won’t have more than 3-5 hash marks on each side, meaning you will have a maximum number of 9 individual points to target. The Bug Buster RGB has a whopping 19 aiming dots at each side. Those can be 21 counting the inner tips of the Crosshair.

Mil-Dot is an acronym for milliradian, which means 1/1000th of a degree. There are three colors available: Red, Green, and Black. This scope uses two Lithium Batteries to power up the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Illumination Feature. The scope also has Parallax Free Viewing.

This scope has an illuminated side wheel. It’s easy to find your way around because you can see the wheel when you’re looking down the scope.

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Who Makes UTG Scopes

Who Makes UTG Scopes?

Adjustability Setting It Up

This rifle is adjustable by clicks of 1/4MOA. The turret is locked and resettable.

This scope is designed for short ranges. You can adjust the parallax from 3 yards to infinity. The scope is easy to install and remove.

Elemental Resistance

This UTG 3-9×32 model is one of my favorite rifles. Nitrogen filling makes it very durable and shock-resistant. It is completely sealed and protected by nitrogen. It is also rainproof, fog proof, and shockproof. These features make it perfect for use in urban environments.

People who enjoy Airsoft love Leapers because they can go anywhere, shoot anything and this Leapers Compact Model will never end up broken or inaccurate.

Features And Benefits

A lot of extra features make this scope more than what you’d normally expect. It’s got a flip-open lens cap, nitrogen filling, side-wheel illumination, mil-dot illumination, and a 2-inch sunshade.

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Materials Construction

This product is an excellent choice if you want a budget-friendly scope that does a lot of things right. It has a nice design, good eye relief, and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, it lacks features like a quick detach mount and a flip-up lens cover.

That has a good side, too. It won’t add extra weight on top of your gun, meaning you’ll be able to shoot all day without having to worry about it getting heavy. The patented True-strength platform upon which this scope is built is good enough for the price but isn’t the best that I’ve seen.

Bug Busters come with an unlimited warranty from Utg. These are very durable scopes. They are made out of high-quality materials. They are easy to use and maintain.

Short-range shooting is fine, but long-range shooting isn’t possible because of the compact size.


We hope this guide helped clarify all the confusions you had about who makes UTG scopes.

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