Why is My Rifle Scope Blurry? – Here’s What You Need to Know with FAQs & More

Riflescopes come with a lot of problems.

If you aren’t breathing on your riflescope and it is still blurry then this article might be for you!

Let’s get into it.

Here are some reasons why your riflescope is blurry…

Lenses are unclean

Cleaning the lenses of riflescopes is important because they are used to seeing things far away. When you clean them, you make sure that the images are clear and sharp.

There are two ways to clean the lenses of riflescope:

  1. Using a special lens pen or using a lens wipe. A lens pen is a tool with a fine brush on one side and a flat brush on the other side. Turn the scope upside-down so the gravity helps in the cleaning process. Use the fine brush to clean off the foreign particles and dust on the ocular end and the eyepiece end.
  2. Using the delt tip, gently rub the lens to remove stains, fingerprints, and water marks. You don’t need a damp cleaner with this method. Moreover, this method works very fine. If your lens still doesn’t show satisfactory results after using the pen, use a liquid cleaner. Start by putting a small amount of water on the lens and then gently rubbing it off using a cloth, tissue or any other dedicated fabric used for lens cleansing.

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Blurry Reticle

Riflescopes should be adjusted every year or two. Your eyesight may change over time, so you’ll want to adjust your rifle scope settings accordingly. You should also check if your rifle scope is still calibrated correctly. A new owner should calibrate your rifle scope before using it.

People with glasses should always wear them. Eyecup lenses should be removed before looking at the sun. A rifle scope should be locked when not being used. When using a rifle scope, twist the eyepiece counterclockwise.

A blurry reticle looks like a crosshair. This is what you should see when you’re using a rifle or handgun.

A perfect reticle should be sharp, black, and clear. This is how you know that your scope is properly adjusted. Your scope may have different adjustments for each user. Use a marker to set your specific settings.

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Blur Image during high magnification

Scopes will be used at high magnification and clarity. When used at low magnification, there is a clear image, but the image is shaky due to parallax. The scope manufacturer may set the factory settings at a range of about 150-200 yards.

High magnification settings may make images blurry when shooting targets. A cheap scope model might not be able to withstand high magnification power. Buy a high-quality scope depending on your needs.

Focusing on Parallax

Fixed focus scopes are usually made with a range of 50 yards or 100 yards. These scopes are designed to give a clear view at a distance of 50 yards or 100 yards. If you look at a target at a distance of 35 yards, the scope image will be blurry. Scopes with adjustable side focus are better than those with fixed focus.

Parallax adjustment is used to adjust the focus of the rifle scope. This allows the user to see more clearly when shooting at long distances. Matching the parallax to the target’s distance is important. If the parallax isn’t set correctly, the image quality may be degraded.


Mirage is the illusion of water vapor or steam in the air due to the sun. This effect occurs when you’re shooting at an object far away, such as a target at 100 yards. Mirage affects the clarity of your images because it makes objects seem closer than they are. To correct this problem, reduce the magnification of your scope.

High-magnification tries to capture wavy illusions. This causes the image to be shaky and not precise. Low-power tries to stabilize the image. Other types of mirages can cause problems as well. Heatwaves can affect the image quality, causing uneven focus.

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Is My Red Dot Defective?

Your eyes are blurry because you’re using an old gun. You need to get new glasses.

  • Sighting In – Put your red dot on the target and line it up with the front sight. Does it still wobble? If so, it’s time to upgrade your sights.
  • Rotating the sight without moving the red dot off target is called rotation. Rotation is used when aiming at objects such as guns or buildings.

Pistol Red Dot for Astigmatism

Red dot sights with large MOAs are better than those with smaller ones. A bigger MOA helps reduce blurring effects.

Red dots are great for astigmatism. You should lower the brightness and add a green light. Also, use a rear BUIS aperture to sharpen the dot and make it more visible.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes blurry vision. It occurs when there is an irregular shape of the cornea or lens. Blurred vision can be caused by this condition. People who suffer from astigmatism may experience headaches as well.

Astigmatism causes blurred vision. This condition makes it hard to see details. If your eyes are blurry, smeared, look like a starburst, or are distorted in any way, then you probably have astigmatisms. Astigmatism is not only a problem for people with poor vision. It also affects those with perfect 20/20 vision.

You can buy glasses that help you see better.

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Holosun Paralow HSG

The Holosun Paralowe is the best red dot for astigmatisms. It is very clear and crisp. No distortions or fuzziness. This is because it is made by Holosun, who makes great optics.

To make it even easier on your eyes, he pairs it up with an EOTech magnifier. This allows him to shoot farther distances (above 400 yards) and allows him to see more detail. He uses this magnifier because it is easy to use.

A clear lens means that the optic is easy to see. A bright reticle means that the optic is very visible. Compact means that the optic is lightweight. As versatile as the best laser pointer means that the optic is great for many different uses.

What is Meprolight M 21?

The Meprolight M 21 is an excellent choice for an AR Pistol Optic. It is compact, lightweight, and accurate. The triangle reticle is easy to see in bright conditions. It also works well in low-light conditions.

The Mepro light is a great weapon for soldiers. It is reliable, clear, and precise. It helps you see better when you have astigmatism.

Why is My Rifle Scope Blurry

Why is My Rifle Scope Blurry?

Holographic Sight for Astigmatism

Holographic sights are great for people who have astigmatism because they don’t distort the image as much as regular red dot sights do. You can see the dot more clearly when using a holographic sight.

HSC Reflex Sight

Holographic sights are great for astigmatism. You can choose between a single dot, a single circle, or a circle with a dot in the middle. The Holosun HS510c is the best holographic sight available for astigmatism. Holosun HS-510C is the best holographic sight for astigmatic eyes. It’s clear, durable, has long battery life, and comes with multiple reticles.

This gun has an automatic brightness adjustment system. When you’re under the sun, the reticle will be brighter. When you move indoors, the reticle will dim down to match. The LED will also turn on whenever there is any slight movement.

Optics Razor AMG UH

Razor AMG UH-l is a great sight for people who have astigmatism. It doesn’t starburst or look like a vine of grapes. It’s very clear and crisp thanks to the single fused holo design. Also: It’s got a large field of view, and almost no glare. Battery life is not an issue because there’s a micro USB port available. And the durability is just rock solid.

Holographic sights are very heavy. This gun is much heavier than the Holosuns. The Razor AMG UH1 is a great holography sight that delivers a crisp view. It is made for military and law enforcement users. The AMG U1 is a close-quarters solution built for military and police shooters. It offers an incredibly fast holographic display to defeat any situation.

The lightning-quick Ebr-CQB reticle dominates in close combat, and our FHQ Technology virtually eliminates stray light emissions, for zero forward signature.

Prism Sight for Astigmatism

Prism sights are great for astigmatism. They use lenses and etched glass to produce a reticle. This helps to reduce distortion, and in some cases, fix astigmatisms. However, they are large and bulky. So, if you want a light optic, go for a Holographic or Red Dot Sight.

Buy a Quality Scope!

Cheap scopes may have substandard parts. Some cheap scopes are great deals.

Blurry images are often caused by a bad scope. A good scope should be changed when blurry images occur. Magnification is one reason why blurry images happen. Changing the magnification rate of a scope can fix blurry images.


We hope that you have a better insight into what causes blurriness in a scope.

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