BSA Optics Special Rimfire Target Rifle Scopes 39×32 How to Reset Windage Turret Knob – Easy Guide

How to reset the windage turret knob is a question asked by many.

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BSA Optics Special Rimfire Target Rifle Scopes 39×32 How to Reset Windage Turret Knob

How To Reset A Scope To Factory Zero

You should always center your scope before adjusting any settings. This ensures that you’re using the correct setting for the conditions you’re shooting under.

By following this guide step-by-step on how to reset scopes to factory zero, you’ll reduce the time you spend trying to figure out why you’re shooting inaccurately and more time shooting with an optically centered gun and enjoying yourself with your friends. Once you’ve reset just one scope to zero, any other scope will be easy!

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Items Needed To Reset Your Scope

  1. Scope – you need a screwdriver or an Allen wrench depending on what kind of scope you have.
  2. Screwdriver – you need a screw driver or an Allen wrench depending if you have a fixed power scope or a variable power scope.
  3. Counting method – you need to divide by 2 to get the right number.
  4. Divide by 2 – you need to divide the number by 2 to get the correct number.
  5. Resetting the scope to factory zero – you need to use the counting method to reset the scope to factory zero.
  6. Resetting the scope using the counting method – you need to count by 2 to get the exact number.

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Put your scope flush with the mirror

A crosshair is a symbol used by a marksman to indicate the point of aim. When the gun is aimed at something, the crosshair appears in the reflection. If the gun is not aimed at anything, there is no crosshair in the reflection.

Line up the shadow of the reticle with the reticle itself

To reset the scope to factory zero, you must align the reticle with the shadow of the reticles. Adjusting the top and side turrets is the easiest way to accomplish this task.

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Method – Counting Method

The top turret should be adjusted until you see the bullet drop off the target.

On my elevation turret, I turn it up in a clockwise direction.

My scope was set to zoom in by 1/2 inch per click. So if I went up 1/2 inch, I’d count 48 clicks.

  1. Turn the turret to the number of clicks you want to divide by 2. In this case, we want to divide by 2, so we turn the turret to 24.
  2. Count the number of clicks you need to reach 24. We count up to 24 clicks, so we get 24 clicks.
  3. Turn the turret to 24 and start counting down. You should now be at 0.
  4. Divide the number you counted in half and set the elevation knob to the new number. In this case, you want to divide by two, so you set the elevation knob to 12.
  5. Start counting down again. You should now be back at zero.

Windage turrets are used to aim weapons by turning them to the side. This is done by spinning the turret clockwise or counterclockwise. When the turret stops, count how many times it spins in each direction and divide those numbers in half. Then, turn the turret to that amount.

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bsa optics special rimfire target rifle scopes 39x32 how to reset windage turret knob

BSA Optics Special Rimfire Target Rifle Scopes 39×32 How to Reset Windage Turret Knob?


When you buy a new gun, you should always check if it comes with a scope already installed. If not, you’ll have to install it yourself. Resetting your scope to factory settings is a very important first step before shooting the gun.

You’ll need a screwdriver or Allen wrenches to adjust the turret caps. After adjusting the turrets, you’ll want to slide the scale back into place.

Optically centering a scope takes about two minutes. You should count out loud while doing this task.

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