How to Mount a Rifle Scope Without Drilling – Complete Guide with Tips, FAQs, & More

Have you ever tried to mount a rifle scope before?

If not, then the good news for you is that it is pretty simple. Our team researched and found out that you can get there pretty quickly with just a little bit of concentration. 

Here’s a complete guide we have compiled to make the process quick and easy for you.

Equipment You Will Need

Before we dive right into the article, here’s a complete list of things you will need to help you mount your rifle scope.

A Professional Vise or a Cardboard Box

A vise or cardboard box is necessary because it will help you keep everything steady. 

It is a must-have when mounting a rifle scope, so things don’t move around. Remember, it is pretty easy to mess up, so be careful.


Some rifles already have integral built-in bases. If that is the case with your rifle, you do not need to get a base. Just get rings in that situation.

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rifle scope without drilling

Easy Steps to Mount Rifle Scope without Drilling

The first thing you need to do is remove the bolt from your rifle but make sure that it is not loaded. After that, remove the clip to ensure safety. 

Use a torque wrench and tighten it around 18 to 22 inch-pounds. Start tightening it and know when to stop. An additional tip is to use 3 or 4 fingers and a thumb tightens them.

However, do not make use of any lock tight or lock. You can use them if you have a lot of trouble the first time, though. According to the gunsmiths, this step is not required. The screws hold if you follow the directions in the booklet.

Putting in the Rings

Once you’ve got the bases covered, the next step is to put the rings on. Two grooves are available, and you can quickly put the rings forward and backward. However, the movement is dependent on the scope and how tightly it is going to sit in there. 

The vital aspect is to stay in a comfortable position and come back quite a bit. When you are ready to open it and set it in, this is the time when you will find out whether you have got the correct eye relief.

Take off the top half of the rings and gently set them in the scope.

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Lift the Rifle

Carefully lift the rifle and establish an eye relief that is comfortable for you. Moreover, the scope itself comes with the pre-set eye relief, which is the distance from the glass at the back of the eye to your eye. Look for the dark shadowy ring that appears if you get far forward. 

Adjust it so that you are not seeing the initial ring of the shadow, and this is how you will be able to find your eye relief.

Note: It is essential to do this while your eyes are closed. Try to hold the rifle a few times as you get comfortable. If you look at the scope the whole time you are doing it; then you will tend to move your head back and forth.

Put the Rings Back

Start by putting the rings back on the top. Now square the crosshairs and the reticles in the scope. Make sure that they are not crooked, and the easiest way to do it without using any device is to find a plumb line. 

Imagine it like a door frame on the side of the building when you have got a straight line. Hold your rifle, and then compare your line with the line of the plumb line.

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Making a Straight Line

Ensure that the line is straight and you look at the right line. Once you get to that point, the next step is to tighten it. However, you can’t just be on one side and then the other. It is effortless to suck that scope and roll it over in such a scenario. 

Imagine that you are putting a wheel on a car side to side. With a little bit of tension on each screw, do it together.

Tighten the Screws

Once the rings start to tighten, alternate as you go around them. There is no need to change how the crosshair is sitting in the rifle and then pull the screws again according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the booklet. It is usually around 18 to 22 inch-pounds.

Use the 3 Finger + Thumb Rule

Do this by using three fingers on your thumb. The screws are tiny and will not take a lot of pressure at the base mounts.

Pulling the Reticle

During the final step, you have to ensure that you didn’t pull the reticle over. Once you are good to go, finish tightening the rest of the screws.

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The Quick Release System

Ensure that you have got a quick-release system on a particular ring so you can take the scope off and put it right back in. You can easily retain your accuracy by taking them off and putting them off because they are set inside the grooves on the bases. 

Tighten the screws as hard as you can, and you can use a pair of pliers to make sure that they do not slip out.

In the End

At last, give it a minor tweak, and once you are scoped up, you are good to go! Boresight it, shoot it on paper, and you are ready to hunt!

It is quite straightforward to mount a rifle scope without drilling. So, without any wait, mount yours now!

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