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Glossary of Rifle Scope Terms to Help Decipher the Confusing Lingo


The accurate range for red fields is basic 500-yard ballistic reticles.


Ballistics plex is Burris’ name of their simple duplex-style reticle. (see also Ballistic Reticle) Ballistic Program is typically an online program that buyers and users of Burris riflescope can use to get hold of values for their scope and caliber. A return to your initial zero is always a primary function of a ballistic turret. See Weaver’s Basic Ballistic Reticle. (see also Basic Ballistic Reticle) See Leupold’s Ballistic aiming system. Integrates ballistic reticle and ballistic turrets for dead-on aim no matter what, wherever, and whenever you’re hunting. (see also Original Zero Ballistic X)

A rifle scope incorporates a BDC feature to compensate for the effects of gravity and air resistance on bullets.

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A cartridge is a metal cylinder containing powder and a projectile. When the firing pin hits the base of the bullet, it ignites the powder and causes the bullet to fly out of the barrel.

Clicks refer to how many times the turret rotates to ensure you can see properly. Coating refers to the type of coating used on the lens. More coatings mean less glare, reflection, and a clearer, brighter, and crisper image.


Bushnell’s Dusk & dawn Brightness multi-coated formula for scope lenses. (See Coatings doa – Bushnell’s dead-on accurate ballistic reticle. These are available with yardage numbers that they range out to for more information on doa 600, dead-on accurate at 600 yards, check our review of the bone collector rifle scope dovetail – this is a design groove pattern where the base is wider than the top for mounting rings and base. This interlocking mechanism or connection design looks just like the tail of a dove.


A ballistic reticle is an illuminated crosshair that helps you aim your weapon. Ballistic reticles are useful when shooting at night or during low light conditions.


Fast focus eyepieces are used by hunters who want to see what they’re shooting without having to turn their heads. They are designed to allow you to quickly and easily change your target while keeping your eye on the sights.


G2H – This is Bushnell’s long-range ballistic reticle with the Christmas tree style.


Hi-lume is Burris’ registered trademarked fully multi-coating formula that they apply to lenses to improve image quality.

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Illuminated reticles are used by hunters to see better at night. Tactical scopes use green lights to help the shooter see better during daylight hours. Longer range rifles are usually equipped with larger tubes to allow for more internal adjustment travel.


Light transmission should be realistic. For example, if you’re looking at night vision, then the number should be low because there’s less light coming into the objective bell. However, if you’re looking for daytime use, then the number should increase.

This review has good information on lens systems and how light travels. LotuTec is Zeiss’ proprietary glass protector, repellent, and anti-scratch formula. LR is Bushnell’s long-range hunting scope.


MAG-view is Vortex’s fiber-optic reference point that provides an easily seen marking for what power or magnification setting you’re on. MeoBright is Meopta’s full multi-coated lens formula that


NikoPlex is an optical system consisting of two lenses to correct eye defects. It helps people who suffer from astigmatism or nearsightedness. A person wearing this eyewear can see objects more clearly than before.


Original Zero – This is the Distance you sighted your Scope for. Zero-Reset Features are Popular for Getting You Back To Your Original Zero. When Dialing Up / Making Scope Adjustments, You Don’t Need to Remember How Many Clicks You Made And How To Get Back. Turn The Turret Back Till It Stops And You’re Back To Your 100 Yard Or “X” Yard Zero.


When shooting at targets, sometimes the reticle moves when you change your eye position. This is called parallax. To correct this, you need to adjust the elevation of the rifle scope. Adjusting the elevation allows the reticle to stay still while you are moving your head around.

This is a precision scope that allows you to use different magnifications. You can switch between them smoothly. There is also an anti-reflection coating that helps you see better in low light conditions.

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RS – Rifle Scope – choosing a rifle scope is very important. RCA – Rapid Camera Acquisition is Redfield’s camera technology that allows you to get sharp images along with the non-slow focus lens.


Schotts HT glass is a high transmission lens coating that lets light pass through the lenses more easily. This helps make the image brighter and clearer. Zeiss makes great scopes, but if you want something better than Zeiss, we recommend checking out our Nikon reviews here.

Subtension is the surface area that the crosshair covers. The suspension is measured in pixels.


A ballistics reticle is a type of reticle that uses a crosshair pattern for aiming purposes. The term was coined by German optician Carl Zeiss AG in 1851.


Ultra ClearCoat Optical System provides you with clear image quality. Highlight transmission capacity.


A varmint rifle is a rifle designed specifically for shooting small games. Varmints are usually rifles with magnifications ranging from 3x to 9x.

Varminters are used by optics companies to label a specific line or series. Reticles meant for targeting small animals are called varminters. VX stands for Leupolds’ version number.


Weaver is a brand of optical equipment. A two-piece ring is best used on this mounting system. Since the cross slots are not even, you should use the correct size rings. Preventing slop is important when using this mounting system.


X96 Reticle – This reticle is an illuminated and very intuitive “tree” style ballistic reticle, designed by Burris. (See also Ballistic reticle XD Lens Elements – XD stands for Extra-low dispersion about Vortex’s glass technology to provide outstanding optical performance.)

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what is a c in rifle scope optics

What is a C in Rifle Scope Optics?


We hope that this guide helps you.

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