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Where are Meopta Scopes made?

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Where Are Meopta Scopes Made?

Meopta riflescopes are manufactured in China.

Many Chinese and Philippine-made riflescopes are cheap and low quality. Some of them are even made out of plastic. Most of these scopes are used by people who don’t know much about shooting.

Meopta scopes are also made in the Czech Republic.

The higher-end Meopta ZD line is made in the Czech Republic. All other Meopta products are assembled in the United States.

Meopta also did a collaborative series of rifle scopes with Cabela’s. Those scope models are clearly marked with the Cabela’s logo. The parts are all made in Czech Republic, and then assembled in the Meopta USA facility.

Meopta collaborated with Zeisst, where Meopta made the Zeiss Conquest line. Those models were manufactured by Meopta in the Czech Republic. Optical quality on the Meoptas riflescope is nearly as good as those from more well known European brands like Zeiss and Kahles at about half the price.

Meopta scopes are great if you’re looking for a budget rifle scope. They are known for their high quality optics. Most people aren’t familiar with them yet, but they make some really nice riflescopes. Meopta scopes vs Leupold scopes common questions.

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Where are Meopta binoculars made?

S.R.O is one of the largest optics manufacturing companies in Europe.

Brief Information

Meopta is located in the Czech Republic. It makes many types of optical equipment. The company has more than 2000 employees. It has a large factory in Prague.

C P Goerzin Bratislava Czechoslovakia

Most people are unaware of the facts about the company. It wasn’t founded by merging two companies, but by buying them out. In 1907, the Vienna based optics manufacturer, C.P.Goerz, unveiled a new manufacturing location for the production of mechanical and optical equipment in the city of Bratsilava in Czechoslovakia.

Meopta is a Czech company founded in 1876. In the early 20th century, the company began producing optical equipment, including binoculars, movie camera lenses, and other optical devices. After the end of the Second World War, Meopta became a state-owned enterprise. Meopta means Mechanical Optics Manufacturing Company.

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Optikotechna in Prerov Czechoslovakia

The company was founded in 1933, and it was named after engineer Alois Benes who invented the first enlarger in Czechoslovakia. He was born in 1876 and died in 1945. His company produced enlargers and lenses. In 1937 he founded the company Optika Technica. After the war, he tried to start up again, but it didn’t work.

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Meopta is a famous optical equipment manufacturer. It was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1891 as Meopta . It was bought by the American company Tyrolit in 1959. After being bought by Meopta , Tyrolit changed its name to Meopta. Meopta USA Inc. was established in 2005.

Production Facilities

Meopta’s name is associated with a long history dating back to 1933. Their long tradition designing and manufacturing world-class optical and electronic products has led them to providing quality products to military, industry and consumer markets. Their manufacturing plant is located in Prague, Czechia.

Manufacturing processes at Meopta are divided into three stages.

Research and Development stage

Research and Development (R&D) departments are responsible for developing new technologies. They work closely with other departments to create innovative designs. This process involves many steps including design, testing, and production.

Optical designers need to understand how light interacts with different materials. They also need to know how to make sure that the parts fit together correctly. This means that they must use a computer program called Creo Parametric.

Structural calculations are used to simulate how an object will react when subjected to various forces. These simulations help engineers create stronger objects. Generative designing allows engineers to make ultra light weight housing without sacrificing structural integrity.

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Manufacturing stage

  • Meopta uses precision machining and material selection to produce quality products. High-tech is the need for today’s optical industry. Meopta’s manufacturing floor features more than 100 computers-numerical controlled machines from renowned worldwide brands for precise machining and material selection, making it possible for them to manufacture quality products.
  • Machinery includes high speed turning machines, milling machine with three or four axes simultaneously controlled, electric discharge machines, metal grinder and auxiliary machinery.
  • Heat treatments are used to reduce brittleness in metals. Metals are available pre-heat treated from suppliers but every industry has different heat treatment requirements. Some heat treatment processes are designed eliminate residual stresses in metals while others are used to improve machining performance by reducing brittle behavior.
  • Optical devices are sensitive and need to be protected from scratches. Engineers at Meopta developed several standard metal surface finishing processes to protect optical components. Electroplating, anodization, blackening, zinc phosphate and painting are some of the processes used by Meopta.
  • The most critical component in optics products are made out of glass. Glass cannot be cut or shaped by conventional machinery and machining process. Trained workforce at Meopta make use of German equipment to cut glass and turn it into the various shapes and sizes for lenses and prisms. These machines employ precise high speed manufacturing technology known as Synchrospeed.
  • Glasses are made by cutting glass into pieces and polishing them. After the cutting process, glasses retain a rough surface because of their brittle nature. To make sure that the surface is flat, optical manufacturers use contact profilers to measure the profile of the lenses. These measurements are then used to machine the lenses. Finally, the lenses are polished until they’re perfectly smooth.
  • Coating is used to protect the surface of glass components. Nano coatings are used for many different purposes, such as reflection enhancement, anti-reflective, beam splitting and polarization control. Meopta has over 40 vacuum chambers to deposit hot and cold coatings.

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System Integration and Assembly stage

  • After the individual parts are made, they’re put together in a factory. There are specialized workstations where the pieces are fastened or glued. A team of 300 people assemble the parts together.
  • There are two assembly and integration areas at Meoptas production site in Prague. Cleanroom assembly The Cleanroom at Meoptas is designed to meet the ISO standard 14644 -1 class 3-6, and ISO standard 14644 – 8 class 9 for clean environments, an online particle counter is also being used to monitor the purity inside air, which signals on any signs of impurities detected in air. All of the mechanical and components are thoroughly cleansed before they are assembled together. The cleanroom assembly area was mainly used for integrating semiconductor printed circuit boards for various businesses who provide service to leading microchip manufacturers around the world.
  • Optical assemblies need a clean environment to avoid dirt. Optics products cannot work effectively if there is dirt on the surface of lenses or prisms.
  • Flow-boxes are used for testing and adjusting optical characteristics. They are made of HEPA filters that provide desktop purity of ISO 1000.
  • Nitrogen purging is used to make lenses more resistant to moisture and dirt. Fog proofing helps protect cameras from rain and snow. Water resistance protects them from being damaged by splashes or drops of water. Dust and humidity are removed using nitrogen gas. A hydrophobic coating makes lenses less likely to attract dust and other contaminants.
where are meopta scopes made

Where are Meopta Scopes Made?

Manufacturing of Components in Asia

Although design, manufacturing and assembly are carried out at the Meopta Prerov factory, manufacturing components of the Meopta Optika HD series, the affordable binoculars, have been outsourced to Asia (most likely, Philips). Reasons cited include high manufacturing and labor costs in the Czech Republic.

Only individual parts are sourced from Asia and the rest of the assembling process is carried out in prerov location, along with remaining products. while the Czech Republic maintains a relatively lower production and labor cost along with some other European countries in Europe, it is still relatively high compared to labor overheads in Asian countries like Vietnam and China.

Series Origin

Meos are high quality binoculars that are used by hunters. They are designed to perform well in low light conditions. Their lenses are coated with multiple layers of coating to improve light transmission. Meos are resistant to scratches and wear.

Binoculars are used by people who want to see things up close. Binoculars are very light and compact. They are made out of rubber. Rubber is soft and flexible. Rubber is used in many products. Rubber is used in tires. Tires are used in cars. Cars are used to drive around town. People go to work in cars every day.

Compact: MeoStar B1.1 – 8×32 standard full size: MeoStar B1 1.1 – 8×42

Large size: MeoStar B 1.1 – 7×50 HD

Medium size: MeoStarB1.1 – 10×50 HD

Compact size: MeoStar – 10×56 HD

Large size: Meo Star B1.1 – 12×50 HD

High definition compact size: Meo Star – 15×56 HD

High definition large size: Meo star B1.1 – 14×56 HD

High definition compact size :Meo Star – 16×56 HD

High definition medium size: Meo Star- 18×56 HD

High definition compact size: Meo Star- 20×56 HD high definition

Meopta’s MB5505 ion assisted multi-coating enables objectives to transmit a stunning 99.7% of light through a single surface. This is outstanding for budget optics! A second MeoShieldTM coating ensures safety from aberrations and scratches. These lenses are available in a variety of magnifications and objective variants. They’re listed below:

Compact: MeoPro HD -8×32, 10×32

Standard Full Size: Meo Pro HD -8×42, 10×42 HD

Large Size: Meo pro HD -8×56 Optika® HD series.

The Optika® HD series is the newest addition to the Meopta’s line of binoculars, unveiled only in August last year. These binoculars feature a robust, lightweight, and shockproof construction, all with a modern appearance. Optika® is the only binocular series to be partly manufactured at the Philipines, while its assembly is done at Czechia.

The series features Meopta’s iconic HD lenses with in house developed dielectric and Phase correction coatings that ensure consistently bright images with unparalleled color fidelity and superior contrast levels. Like premium models, the housing of the Optika HD Series binoculars is made up of magnesium alloy and an elastic armor around the outer skin protects mechanical and optical systems in the event of a hard fall.

The Optika HD binoculars are only sold in standard objective size of 40mm along with 2 magnification options of 8x & 10x. Meopto Optika HD 10×40 (Source: Meopto) MeoRange ® Series The MeoRange ® Series of binoculars features the notable precision laser-range finding technology which is common in high-tech hunting binoculars. Hunting is not everyone’s cup of tea since it often takes place in uneven mountainous terrain, damp forests and rocky deserts. Binoculars make it easier for them to comfortably look for animals.

A great rangefinder that also protects your internals. Rubber armor covers the casing to protect your internals if you drop it accidentally. In-house developed fluorine-containing lenses and the signature MeoLux and MeoDrop glass coatings for minimal reflections and weather resistance.

The rangefinder is able to precisely measure distances and inclinations for up to 1500 meters. Additionally, the HD AB variant features a Bluetooth connectivity options which can pair the binoculars with a PC or a smartphones in no time. The MeoRange HD series of binocular are only available in standard objectice size of 42mm with a magnification of 10X.

MeoRange 10× 42 HD binoculars are ultra portable and light weight. They are perfect for traveling and hiking. Their 8x magnification allows you to see details up close. You can also use them as a telescope.

The series is completely designed, manufactured and assembled in Czechia by Meopta. MeoSport 8×25 (Source: MeoPt)

Meopta Optika Riflescope Series – Models

New Meopta Optika scopes come with 6x magnification. The available models of these scopes include: 1-6×24 SFP, 2-6×24 FFP, 2.5-15×44 SFP, 3-18×50 SFP, 3- 18×50 FFP, 3-18 x 56 SFP, 3-16×56 FFP, 4.5-27×50 SFP, 4.5 – 27×50 FFP, 5-30×56 FFP. All of them are available in both First focal plane (FFP) and second focal plane (SFP). Hunting and sports versions are also available.

The shooting line is designed for hunting while the hunting line is designed for shooting. Both lines are made by Meopta USA Sport Optical.

This new rifle scope is very expensive and very high quality. It is designed to be used by people who want to get better results when shooting.

Meopta Optika Riflescopes – Why Should You Buy?

Meopta Optika 6 rifle scope series upgrades the Meo Pro series of scopes to another level. It pairs the highest end performance of Meo Pro riflescopes with 6X magnification range or zoom factor. Meopta has designed this new Optika 6 scopedes for the discerning hunters / shooters who look for highly specialized, affordable optics. These Optika 6 riflescopes come with DichrOtech reticles. They work especially well in low light conditions and designed for enhanced target acquisition. The special coating in these advance DichroTech reticle provides you with battery-less illumination.

New series of Optika 6 scopes come with second focal plane reticles in multiple configuration. Reticles for these scopes available for specific cartridges including 223 and 6.5 Creedmore. Meopta Optik 6 scopes (except 1x-6×24) are also available first focal plane reticles. These FPP scopes are available in either mil or moa elevation/windage adjustments and zero stop elevation and locking turret.

For 3-18x and Optika 6 4.6-30×56 riflescopes, the exposed, locking elevation turrets can be adjusted to take precise shots. The Optika 6 riflescopes come with zero stop features. So hunters can return to zero no matter how many times they want.

The new riflescope series comes with the standard 30mm tube. This tube size provides users with ultimate durability as well. The Meopta optika 6 5-30×56 riflescopes come in 34mm tube. Therefore, shooters get more space within the tubes to make an enhanced adjustment.

Riflescopes are made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. They come with MeoBright Lens Coating. This coating makes sure that maximum amount of light gets transmitted into your eyes. This, in turn provides clear, vivid, bright and sharp image in all light conditions. You can buy this rifle scope here.

Meopta Optika Scopes Which one to Buy?

This section helps you quickly decide which model is right for you. The best rifle scopes for competition or hunting are the ones that offer the best performance in these areas.

This scope has a magnification range of 1-6X. It is designed to be used by hunters who need to shoot quickly. It comes with windage and elevation turrets that are capped and come with.5 MOA adjustments. It also comes with an optical fiber system that allows the hunter to see more than what he or she could see without this scope.

Elevation and Windage turrets are capped. Hunters don’t need to adjust them while moving fast through heavy cover because of zero MOA adjustments. Side focus parallax adjustment is included. Multi-position power ring throw levers are also provided. There are multiple reticles available. Standard, illuminated, and Dichtronics reticles are offered.

These are the most popular scopes for hunting and shooting. They are both first and second focal planes. They have exposed, locking elevation adjustments. They are adjustable up to 50 MOA. They also have capped windage adjustments. There is a zero stop elevation turret available in the FFP models.

This scope is designed for long-range shooting. It features windage and elevation adjustments that are exposed and adjustable in both short and long focus positions. A Mil-Dot reticle comes standard with this rifle scope.

This scope is great for precision shooting. It provides an extreme amount of detail and clarity. It’s perfect for competitions and hunting. It has a large main tube and two elements of ED glass. It also has side parallax adjustments.

This gun features a proprietary MIL-based “Tree” reticle. It helps in precise aim throughout the entire magnification range, and it gives accurate hold over and hold off. It comes with a 6.5 Creedmour barrel.

Meopta The Best Kept Secret in Optics

August 26th, 2016 – Meopta is the world leader in high quality binoculars and spotting scopes. Their products are designed for use in the outdoors, but also offer excellent performance for indoor observation as well.

Meopta makes great binoculars. They’re affordable, but they’re also very high quality. They come in both 1,000 and 2,000 dollar versions. They’re priced about the same as Swarovski, but they beat them in our informal spotting scope test.

Meopta makes high-quality optics. Their prices are low because labor costs are low. Some of the biggest names in Europe use Meopta to make their products. Most of the big box stores sell Meopta branded products.

This scope is very clear and bright. It has a large main tube that allows you to put an erector tube inside. It also has a big lens that makes your images sharp.

This MeoStar avoids the common pitfall associated with big marketing departments. Bigger objectives would only degrade resolution while providing a meaningless size increase in exit pupil size.

Elevation and windage turrets prevent unintended adjustments in the field, and the quality glass, sizable erector tube, and large maintube offer great image quality. Thanks, Meopta, because you didn’t slap a mongoose objective lens on this scope, and claim that “it gathers more rays of light.” Marketing departments have repeatedly told this lie so often that they’ve almost accepted it as fact.

The MeoStar R1 is a unique rifle that looks like an old style European rifle. It has a diamond shaped reticle and windage and elevation adjustments in quarter MOA clicks. This makes it easy to use. Meopta is an optical company that makes high quality lenses.


We hope that you have an in-depth knowledge of Meopta Scopes.

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