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where are weaver scopes made

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Where are Weaver Scopes made?

Where are Weaver Scopes Made?

The plant is located at 7125 Industrial Avenue in East El Paso. In a modern factory full of clever machinery and hundreds of workers, one man produces the scopes that have become synonymous with hunting and shooting enthusiasts across the globe. Weaver’s scope is a quality scope.

It was the first departure from the steel tubes that made Weaver famous.


Weaver Scopes is Officially Out of Business

Weaver Optics was founded in 1930 by William R. Weaver. He started the company because he wanted to offer affordable and well-made riflescopes. He made sure that every scope offered by Weaver had quality optics and features.

Weaver Optics is now making scopes again. Their products were once very popular but then went out of business. Now they’re back.

Weaver is a very popular name in the hunting industry. Their products are generally affordable and reliable. However, Weaver has had financial issues in the past. In fact, their original owner sold them off to ATK sporting group. ATK is an outdoor sports goods conglomerate that owns several well-known outdoor brands. My own experience with Weaver began as a teenager when I bought my first Weaver K6 rifle scope. Since then, I’ve owned many more Weaver scopes and always found them to be great values. I still have a few Grand Slam models mounted on my guns, and I also have a couple of V-24 Classic models.

Weaver Optics is an American company that manufactures hunting scopes and riflescopes. Their products include rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and accessories. In addition to Weaver Optics’ products, the ATK group also includes Bushnell, Simmons, and Tasco. These companies manufacture various types of optical equipment such as rifle scopes, spotting/binoculars, rangefinder, etc.

Weaver Optics is no more. It used to be a reputable company but now it’s gone out of business. A customer called them and asked about their products and they said they were no longer making scopes.

Bushnell was bought by ATK. Weaver Optics took down their website. Their phone number now goes to Bushnell’s customer service department.

The process to stop production on Weavers started last year, but there was no announcement about it.

Its image is as clear as many big-name scopes within the same price range.

Why did Weaver stop producing rifle scopes?

There were more than just four companies involved in the decision to buy Bushnell. All of these companies compete with each other at different price points. Some of them also compete with each other. This means that the decision to buy Bushnnel was made by more than just Bushnell.

Weaver makes good scopes for the price, but the company hasn’t been updated in many years. They didn’t jump on the First Focal Plane bandwagon, and they weren’t quick to adopt side focus. Their scopes aren’t very popular.

Weaver was losing market share to other brands. This caused them to lose money. They couldn’t afford to continue making lenses.

Weaver is a very popular rifle manufacturer. Their scopes are usually more expensive than other brands, but they’re still affordable. You can buy an inexpensive Weaver scope if you want.

Weaver scopes are still made by Bushnell, but they’re no longer repaired or fixed. This means that if your scope breaks down, you’ll need to buy a new one.

This company was a great brand name, but it went bankrupt.


“Weaver got out of the riflescope business because he was tired of being shot at by people who didn’t know how to shoot straight. He decided to sell the company instead of trying to teach them how to shoot.”

I just looked online and the Weaver website is still up so are they really out of business?

Weaver Optics is still making and selling the Weaver brand of scope base and rings. However, they are no longer manufacturing or selling the Weaver brand rifle scopes.

Why is Weaver not selling scopes any more?

Bushnell is better than Weaver because it has more features.

What the Weaver scope warranty?

Weaver is not supporting the Original Warranty. You must take your scope to a 3rd Party Private Repair Facility such as the Iron Site facility.

Bushnell scopes are cheap but very high quality. They are made by people who care about their products. They support warranties.

I have a really old Weaver scope that needs to be fixed Now that Weaver is out of business where would I go for a vintage weaver scope repair?

Iron Site specializes in repairing and servicing older Weaver riflescopes. They also have plenty of spare parts available for the older Weaver scopes.

The Vortex HST reticle is a better scope than the Vortex PST scope. Both scopes are great for hunting but the HST is more accurate and easier to use.

More about Weaver Scopes

Weaver was one of the biggest players in the US scope market and did really well against competitors like Leupold and Redfield. This company gives people high-quality products at an affordable price. This scope is famous among American shooters. American hunters can easily afford these scopes from the American market. This is a modern scope. This company produces the best products for people looking for a budget scope.

Cheapest Scope

This is one of the cheapest scopes. Available in the market for around 10 bucks.

Centered Reticule Scopes

A centered reticle scope is a rifle scope that has a centerline for aiming at targets. The crosshairs are usually located in the middle of the lens, which makes them easier to use when shooting at longer distances.

Eye relief

Eye relief refers to how far away from the eyepiece the image appears when looking through a rifle scope. The closer the image appears to the eyepiece, the better the eye relief. Typical eye relief for a rifle scope is 1 inch.

Tube Diameter

The tube diameter is 3/4 inch, and it is even offered with 1/4-minute click adjustments.

 Weaver Kaspa is a plain matte black scope that is considered one of the cheaper scopes in the market.


The best way to find out if a scope is right for you is to try it. If you don’t like the experience, you can always return it. Weaver scope is an affordable scope.

It is a high-quality product. Another one is Bushnell, the Elite series scopes are made in Japan and the lower end scopes like the Banners and such are made in China. Weaver produces modern scope and sniper scopes.

While the new Weavers were of far better quality than what we had often expected from imported Asian scopes at that time, the price was reasonable. 

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